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Raising Chickens, Raising Income

By Heifer China

November 12, 2014

Raising Chickens, Raising Income

Just a few years ago, Yang Qilu did not have enough nutritious food to feed himself or his family. Qilu and his wife struggled to stay afloat, planting and selling products like rice and raising silkworms. Despite all of their work, their income was still not large enough. And, as they grew older, it was getting harder and harder for the couple to go to work.

Once they began raising chickens through the Heifer project, everything changed. The couple now makes over $3,000 per year. Qilu and his wife can now not only take care of their current needs, but also save some money for the future. 

Watch the video to learn how Yang Qilu and his wife adopted chicken raising as a way to increase their income.

Yang Qilu discusses how chicken raising through Heifer has changed his life.