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Risk Mitigation and Resilience

Creating new opportunities and inclusive markets that last

We help people forge the first connections so that they can shift from subsistence to sustainability – from reliance on others to resilience. 


Man and women working with bee hives.
New Economies

Connections to Markets

The power of connections is critical – between our partners and between partners and their customers – allowing them to grow and scale their businesses, and fully participate in economies that have overlooked them for generations.

We prepare farmers to withstand potential shocks by connecting them to markets and supporting and strengthening farmer-owned cooperatives.

Localized Solutions

Localized Solutions

We test new technologies, assess their impact and share them with communities, through farmer-to-farmer connections and the work of Heifer Labs.

Our commitment to monitoring and evaluation enables us to draw learnings from across all our projects. We develop sustainable solutions that work for different local contexts, and the linkages from farmers to local buyers and private sector partners to create new opportunities and inclusive markets that last.

See how we're building resilience across the globe

Learn more about Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti (REACH) Project.

Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti (REACH) Project

Helping Haitians recover following the aftermath of a natural disaster through sustainable farming practices, animal husbandry and improved production practices.

Learn More About Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti (REACH) Project
REACH Project Haiti
Learn more about Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal.

Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal

Heifer works with farmer cooperatives to improve financial management and link them to distribution markets

Learn More About Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal
Women goat farmer, Nepal

Our Work Areas

Learn more about Food Security and Nutrition.
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Food Security and Nutrition

With increased productivity of livestock and crops, farmers provide for their families and improve the health of their communities.

Learn more about Economic Development.
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Economic Development

We work with farmers and their communities to identify opportunities within value chains that deliver living incomes.

Learn more about Environmental Sustainability.
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Environmental Sustainability

We believe women-led, small-scale farming is the future of our economy and our relationship with the Earth.

Learn more about Women's Empowerment and Social Capital.
Women's Empowerment Malawi

Women’s Empowerment and Social Capital

Investing in women is key to ending hunger and poverty. And it’s at the very center of our community development approach.