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Heifer International’s partnerships with mission-driven Foundations lead to lasting impact in rural communities, as we combine expertise, experience and resources to create opportunities and strengthen resilience.

More than funders, Foundations partner with our program teams to design and implement projects that meet our mutual goals as they pertain to ending hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. We do this through bringing together local, regional, national, and international actors to create sustainable ecosystems that will continue beyond the life of the project, ensuring true resilience for farming families. Focusing on community voices and local knowledge and expertise, these consortia play on the strength of each partner to realize local solutions to complex challenges.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Heifer and our local partners to create lasting impact, please contact us at heifer-dc@heifer.org. We also have Philanthropy opportunities, and you can learn more here.

MasterCard Foundation in Uganda

The Stimulating Agriculture for Youth Employment (SAYE) project, a partnership with Heifer International, MasterCard Foundation, and local partners, will run from 2023 to 2029 in the Busoga sub-region of Eastern Uganda. The project aims to empower young people aged 16 to 35 by improving skills, expanding market access, and offering inclusive financing in key sectors, including poultry, horticulture, oilseed, dairy, and beef value chains. Young women will make up 70% of participants, while 3% will be young persons with disabilities.


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W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Yucatán, Mexico

In partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, this three-year project addresses poverty and food insecurity in rural Yucatán Peninsula with a focus on indigenous women who have fewer opportunities to access income-generating assets. The Women Entrepreneurs 2 project will help 1,000 families to close the living income gap by 35% by accessing profitable markets and accessing inputs and services through collective purchases that increase farm competitiveness.


Catalina Ek Mis shows eggs at her poultry farm in Yucatán, México

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

As the recipient of the 2004 Hilton Humanitarian Prize, Heifer continues to be a member of the Hilton Prize Laureate family. The annual prize is presented to a nonprofit organization judged to have made extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering.

As members of the Hilton Prize Laureate community, we build connections with other humanitarian organizations, sharing resources and multiplying our collective impact across the world.


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MacArthur Foundation / Lever for Change

As a finalist in MacArthur Foundation’s 100&change grant competition, Heifer International is a member of the Bold Solutions Network – a growing global network that helps secure additional funding, amplify members’ impact, and accelerate social change. Heifer receives ongoing support and is connected to donors through customized challenges and tailored funding opportunities, while also networking with organizations working to solve similar problems and receiving resources to strengthen programs.


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