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Strong Alliances Make Sustainable Change Possible

two women selling spices

We are scaling up our impact to bring millions of people out of poverty every day. That takes the commitment of people, companies, organizations and foundations, aligned with the singular focus of helping struggling families turn their lives around.  When we work with like-minded groups toward the same goal, we can achieve even more.

See How We Can Work Together

Learn more about Partner With Heifer to End Hunger and Poverty.
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Partner With Heifer to End Hunger and Poverty

Businesses can engage with both customers and employees to help lift communities out of poverty.

Learn More About Partner With Heifer to End Hunger and Poverty
Learn more about Corporate Partnerships.
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Corporate Partnerships

Become an important part of our mission.

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Learn more about Major Gifts.
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Major Gifts

Create campaigns to support Heifer’s work through your business.

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Learn more about Public Sector Partnerships.
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Public Sector Partnerships

Make a difference through policy and initiatives.

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Why Partner with Heifer?

Heifer brings unique assets to our partnership, including:

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Global Results

Support projects and programs that make a positive, long-term impact in some of the world's poorest areas.

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Economic Impact

Help us create jobs, improve income and build hope by investing in a market-based approach to economic development.

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Social Reponsibility

Gain positive brand recognition and engage your audience through joint public relations and cause marketing campaigns.

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World-clasS Networks

Be part of a coalition of change-makers including leading corporations, foundations, public institutions and philanthropists.

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Contribute to a better Earth as you enable farmers to learn climate-smart and environmentally friendly methods. 

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Value Chain Engagement

Have a presence in emerging markets while benefiting impoverished communities.

Corporate Partners

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Foundation Partners

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Membership Organizations

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Supporting Associations

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Media Partners

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Our Work

Learn more about how Heifer works to end hunger and poverty. 

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