Women from Heifer's Green Business Belt Signature Program in Guatemala work the land

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Women from Heifer's Green Business Belt Signature Program in Guatemala work the land

Heifer International works with strategic partners at the local, national, and global levels who share our commitment to improving the lives of farming families across Africa, Asia and the Americas, through a locally-led approach.

We know from decades of experience that achieving scale and impact is built on co-creating comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions. Join us in catalyzing positive change for smallholder farming communities worldwide.

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Types of Partnerships

Learn more about Companies.
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We partner with companies through avenues like corporate philanthropy and cause marketing to advance sustainable business goals and catalyze opportunities for farmers.

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Learn more about Governments.
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We work with local and national governments to advance policies and programs that support smallholder farmer development.

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Learn more about Foundations.
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Partnerships with mission-driven Foundations lead to lasting impact in rural communities, as we combine expertise, experience and resources.

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Learn more about Local Partners.
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Local Partners

Our locally led approach is built on partnerships with farmer organizations, farmer-focused nonprofits and agricultural value chain actors.

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Learn more about Global Institutions.
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Global Institutions

Partnerships with multilateral development funders, as well as the U.N. and other global agencies, help leverage global resources, knowledge, and advocacy.

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Learn more about Innovation Partners.

Innovation Partners

Collaborations with digital tech, fintech, research organizations, and universities make innovations accessible and affordable.

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Poultry farmer Joyce Adhiambo counts eggs with her grandson on her farm in Kenya


Cargill and Heifer created Hatching Hope, a global initiative that works to improve nutrition and economic livelihoods.

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Lezina Fadwell and her family stand in their cabbage patch in Malawi


IBM and Heifer Labs built Open Harvest, open-source software that uses AI to help smallholder farmers in Malawi.

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Two young women in Uganda smile as they walk down the street

MasterCard Foundation

The MasterCard Foundation and Heifer are expanding market access in Uganda through the Stimulating Agriculture for Youth Employment project.

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