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Environmental Sustainability

Ending poverty begins with agriculture

Our expert staff work with farmers as they integrate climate-smart agricultural practices on their farms to increase resilience and crop production. 



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Living Incomes from the Ground Up

We believe that women-led smallholder farming is the future of our economy and our relationship with the earth.

At Heifer International, we invest in individuals and communities around the world, teaching effective tools of the trade and the tools of trade itself. We know how to produce goods that are difficult to harvest or in short supply, while simultaneously bringing people to a living income.

Stewards of the land

Stewards of the land

We promote agroecology and work with farmers to protect local ecosystems and biodiversity, deploy soil and water conservation techniques, and reduce carbon footprints.

Our expert staff work with farmers as they integrate climate-smart agricultural practices on their farms to increase resilience and crop production. We support biogas plants that provide clean energy to local households, and irrigation projects that use water more efficiently.

See how farmers are increasing incomes while protecting the environment

Learn more about Blue Flames Project - Senegal.

Blue Flames Project - Senegal

Historically, getting fuel to cook with in Senegal has been difficult and harsh on the environment.

Learn More About Blue Flames Project - Senegal
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Learn more about Leveraging Success, Honduras .

Leveraging Success, Honduras

Heifer provides training and technical support for farmers to boost yields of quality, reliable products for high-value markets.

Learn More About Leveraging Success, Honduras
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Learn more about Dairy Network in the Andes – Ecuador.

Dairy Network in the Andes – Ecuador

Through coordination and financial services, farmers are able to enter formal markets and meet bigger orders.

Learn More About Dairy Network in the Andes – Ecuador
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By connecting sustainable agriculture opportunities with a living income,

we can protect the planet and improve the lives of our partners everywhere we operate.

Learn More About Living Incomes

Our Work Areas

Learn more about Economic Development.
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Economic Development

We work with farmers and their communities to identify opportunities within value chains that deliver living incomes.

Learn more about Food Security and Nutrition.
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Food Security and Nutrition

With increased productivity of livestock and crops, farmers provide for their families and improve the health of their communities.

Learn more about Risk Mitigation and Resilience.
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Risk Mitigation and Resilience

We help people forge the first connections so that they can shift from subsistence to sustainability – from reliance on others to resilience.

Learn more about Women's Empowerment and Social Capital.
Women's Empowerment Malawi

Women’s Empowerment and Social Capital

Investing in women is key to ending hunger and poverty. And it’s at the very center of our community development approach.