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Biogas is Free; That Is Why I Like It!

By Elizabeth Bintliff

April 16, 2014

Biogas is Free; That Is Why I Like It!


            Video and production by Olivier Asselin Photography


Meet Emma Nnalvngo and her husband, Edward Serunjogi, small-scale Heifer farmers living in Luwero district, Uganda. When they moved here in 1990, they had little land and a few dairy cattle. Today, they operate on a quarter acre of land where they have kitchen gardens, chickens, dairy cows, rabbits, fish and pigs. I had the pleasure of touring their farm this week (see video above) in visits to our projects in Uganda and later in Ghana.

The family of seven also has a biogas unit, which has eliminated the need for firewood. Bio-slurry, a nutrient-rich byproduct of the biogas digester, has reduced their spending on animal feed and fertilizer by 50 percent. The slurry is an excellent garden fertilizer, increasing yield of crops and enriching fish and animal feed.