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A deadly second wave of COVID-19 is devastating India, affecting millions of people. Help them overcome by providing food and urgent necessities.

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Learn more about Send a Girl to School.
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Send a Girl to School

Globally, 132 million girls are not in school — and that number is growing. Where we work, girls are too often denied an education. Your support today can help send a girl to school tomorrow.

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Learn more about Partner With Heifer to End Hunger and Poverty.
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Partner With Heifer to End Hunger and Poverty

When businesses engage with good causes, consumers notice. Heifer provides a variety of corporate partnership opportunities that allow businesses of all sizes to engage their customers and employees – all while furthering our work to lift communities out of poverty.

Learn More About Partner With Heifer to End Hunger and Poverty
Learn more about Learn About the Future of Food and Farming.

Learn About the Future of Food and Farming

Join Heifer experts, including CEO Pierre Ferrari, and leaders from a variety of industries for 30-minute fireside-style virtual chats as they explore solutions to the challenges facing the future of food and farming beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. View on demand or register for an upcoming Live Chat.

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Everyone Deserves a Life Free From Hunger and Poverty

Learn more about Living Income.

Living Income

Some basic needs are fundamental for a life free from hunger and poverty. Yet millions of people can’t afford them.

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Learn more about Our Model.

Our Model

We do more than cultivate land. We cultivate entrepreneurship.

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Learn more about Work Areas.

Work Areas

Our work may begin with livestock, but it ends with transforming lives.

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Join us in investing in individuals and communities to help them create lasting change.

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