About Giving in Honor, Honor Cards and E-Cards

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Giving in Honor, Honor Cards and E-Cards

How do I “Give in Honor” of someone?

We offer three ways to give in honor:

1. Give a donation: Visit the giving in honor page for the most streamlined way to give a donation in honor.

2. Designate your honoree when checking outWhen checking out in the Gift Catalog, you can click the checkbox that says, "Give this in honor" to insert the name of your honoree. This information will be added to our database, and the honoree will not be notified.

3. Create a Fundraising Page: If you want to include others, you can create a fundraising page to distribute so everyone can join in. Our fundraising process is easy to navigate, and you can share how the honoree has touched your life and the reason behind the fundraiser.

What is the difference between an Honor Card, Gift Card and E-Gift Card?

An Honor Card is a complimentary recipient card you can send with every gift to Heifer International to let your family and friends know about the special gift you gave in their name. After you’ve made a donation, create one or more honor cards to send to your family and friends. You will be given an option to fill out an honor card through email, mail, or print at home.


With a Gift Card or E-Card, you choose the purchase amount. You can decide to print out a Gift Card or email an E-Gift Card immediately. When a card is redeemed, your recipient will be provided with the rewarding experience of selecting a life-changing animal from the Heifer Gift Catalog.

What ways can I send Honor Cards to people?

We offer multiple ways to send our complimentary recipient Honor Cards. Choose the delivery option that is most convenient for you! 

  • Email: If you have the email addresses for your friends and family, you can send Honor Cards to them via email, which will link to an electronic Honor Card. Choose and personalize your card, then Heifer will email it for you immediately or at a later date.

  • Mail — Personalized: Choose and personalize your Honor Card and Heifer will mail it for you. We provide one Honor Card per $10 or more donation. You must provide the name and address of the recipient. These cards typically take three to four weeks to arrive. You can do this online or by calling 855.948.6437.

  • Mail — Blank: Order blank Honor Cards to personalize and mail yourself. Please indicate the number of cards you are requesting through our online Honor Cards page or when ordering from our online catalog. We provide one Honor Card per $10 or more donation. All blank Honor Cards by mail are sent directly to you and may take three to four weeks to arrive. 

  • Print at Home: Print Honor Cards at home instantly, then personalize them by writing your message inside. Each downloadable PDF includes folding instructions. 
My Honor Cards won't print. Help!

The problem may be that you need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, that your printer needs to be set to the highest quality of print, or that your printer's resolution is not high enough to print our cards correctly. Try these suggestions:

  • Install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader at no cost (go to the Adobe Downloads page). You may need to restart your computer after installing the software.

  • Set your printer to the highest quality print setting. If you need help doing this, see your printer documentation or visit your printer manufacturer's website.

  • If possible, try to print the card on another printer. We have experienced some problems with printers that do not have high enough resolution to print the cards correctly.
My Honor Card printed, but the text looks weird. What's happening?

This problem is due to Adobe Acrobat Reader issues. To fix the problem, install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (available through the Adobe Downloads page at no cost). Restart your computer after installing the software.

When will my Honor Cards be delivered?
  • Honor Cards by Mail (Personalized or Blank): Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of the Honor Cards to the address that was provided during the ordering process. Personalized cards are mailed to the recipient, while Blank cards are mailed directly to you to personalize and mail to recipients yourself.

  • Printable Honor Cards: If you provided an email address during the ordering process, you will receive the links to your cards in the order confirmation email. Please check to see if the link "wrapped" to the next line of text. If this happened, the link will not work when you click on it. Please enter the entire link in your browser including the crucial numbers at the end that wrapped.

  • Email Honor Cards - On the date you selected, you will receive a confirmation by email when the card is sent out to the recipient. 

    If you did not receive an order confirmation email, first check your spam/junk folder before contacting info@heifer.org.
The email card I created was returned to me as "undeliverable" — now what?

If you accidentally inserted an incorrect email address for your Honor Card recipient, you can create a new email card with the correct address on our online Honor Cards page or email info@heifer.org with the correct information.

How can I send a large number of honor cards along with my large gift?

Our donor services team can help you generate bulk Honor Cards for your large corporate or family gift card order. Please email us at info@heifer.org and we will assist you. Most inquiries by email will be answered within two business days; however, it may take longer to respond during times of heavy email volume.

How do I contact you with Honor Card issues?

If you have questions regarding your Honor Cards, please call us at 855.948.6437 or email us at info@heifer.org. Most inquiries by email will be answered within two business days; however, it may take longer to respond during times of heavy email volume.