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A Gift has Been Made in your Honor.
It’s a living, breathing, hope-giving, money-making, fruit-bearing, women-empowering, food-providing, business-creating, fuel-generating, fiber-growing, milk-making, life-changing machine. This gift to Heifer International made in your honor is already on the move helping people around the world end poverty and achieve self-reliance.

This gift to Heifer International is already creating smiles and changing lives across the world. Gifts like yours are hard at work helping struggling farming families achieve living incomes, which means they have the money necessary to pay for essential needs and more. This snowballs into a cycle of change, helping entire communities become happy, healthy and hopeful.
Happy Holidays!

This gift is pretty super.
It’s a gift to Heifer International in your name, and it’s going to help other kids around the world. Because of you, children will be able to eat three healthy meals a day, go to school, and play games with their friends. That makes you a superhero, too!

“What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us.” — Helen Keller

This gift to Heifer International is not only bringing joy to the world, but it’s also bringing hope, security, prosperity and comfort. Gifts like yours are creating lasting change for families around the world. And that’s something to sing about.
Happy Holidays!

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