Partnering With Heifer

Get answers to frequently asked questions about partnering with Heifer International through employer matching gifts

Does Heifer get involved with matching gift programs from interested companies?

Yes. Your company may be "passing on a gift" of its own with an employee matching gifts program. If you know or discover that your company offers a corporate matching gifts program, obtain a form and guidelines from your human resources department. Then fill in the employee section and mail it, along with your donation to:

Heifer International
Attn: Matching Gifts
1 World Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202

Heifer will verify receipt of your matching gift and send it to your company for completion. Your employer will then send its matching donation back to Heifer. Some companies disburse matching gifts on a quarterly or annual basis. If you have any question about the match, please contact your human resources department.

How can I find out if my company will match my donation to Heifer?

Go to Follow the directions to find your company's corporate matching policy, forms and procedures. If your company is not listed, or if you need to verify Heifer's eligibility under their guidelines, please email us at

My company uses an online match request system instead of a paper form. How will Heifer know that I want my gift matched?

Your company will notify us via mail or email after you have made your online match request. We will then verify your gift online.

I've already sent in my gift. Can I send my matching gift form separately from my donation?

Yes. You can mail your completed form to the address above. Please ensure the name and address on your matching gift form are the same as on your donation (or make a note on the form if they are different).

How can I ensure that you can verify my gift when my company contacts you?

By ensuring that the name and address your company has for you is the same as the name and address on your donation. If your gift was given under another name (by a spouse, for example), please make a note on the matching gift form or let us know by contacting

My company is asking for Heifer's Tax ID number. What is it?

Heifer’s Tax ID/EIN is 35-1019477.

How do I know if and when my company matched my gift?

The most direct way to find out if your gift has been matched is to contact the department in your company that handles corporate matching. Some companies notify their employee donors when the matching check is sent; if your does not, you may want to ask them to start.

Since most companies process matching gift checks on a quarterly, annual or semi-annual schedule, it is likely to be several months before we will have information for you. Please feel free to follow up at