Volunteer With Heifer International

Find out how to volunteer with Heifer International

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes! Visit our Volunteer Hub to learn more about opportunities near you, or read about how to volunteer in your community. We need volunteers to educate others about Heifer’s mission, so they too can be inspired to end hunger and poverty. Promote our work through school programs, with faith communities, or alongside civic organizations.

What is a "Living Gift Market"?

Living Gift Market is a charity event that can last a few hours or even a few days. Small markets may be as simple as a table displaying information about what Heifer gifts can do, whereas larger markets might include several booths and activities featuring each animal we provide. Either way, shoppers buy gifts that lead to eliminating hunger and poverty around the world.

We're holding/participating in a big event that we expect will attract a lot of people. Can we order Heifer materials to distribute?

We have a variety of free resources available that are suitable for any fundraising effort you might want to do. Some resources are available for direct download while other resources are shipped free of charge within the United States.

Fundraise for Heifer with family and friends

Share Heifer with your school

Share Heifer with your faith community

Once you decide on a fundraising focus, call 855.948.6437 to order your resources.

Do you have a list of fundraising ideas I can check out?

Yes! We have several fundraising ideas for children and adults. Check out what you can do or fundraise your own way!

Can I volunteer with a Heifer project overseas?

We understand and appreciate the commitment potential volunteers have for the work Heifer is doing around the world, but we do not have the employee time in our country offices that it takes to manage volunteers.

The best way to volunteer is to help raise awareness locally of the work Heifer is doing globally. We encourage you to visit our Volunteer Hub or our main volunteer page to find an opportunity that is right for you.

I would like to volunteer at the Heifer Village. What are the requirements?

We no longer accept volunteers at Heifer Village in Little Rock.

Can I guest write a blog/article for the Heifer website or a publication?

The Heifer International News & Stories section reflects the interests, issues and events we are paying attention to, and the content aims to entertain and educate longtime Heifer supporters while also attracting new ones. While we do not publish guest blogs, we do often link to external blogs and articles. If there’s an issue you’re interested in reading about, or if you’ve written a blog you think is relevant, please feel free to share it with us at contentteam@heifer.org.