Living Gift Market cover

Living Gift Market

This unique charity event idea starts with stocking your "store" with the tools to end hunger and poverty.

Living Gift Markets are charity events that can last a few hours or even a few days. Small markets may be as simple as a table displaying information about what Heifer gifts can do, whereas larger markets might include several booths and activities featuring each animal we provide. Either way, shoppers buy gifts that lead to eliminating hunger and poverty around the world.

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Living Gift Market Resources

An image of the Heifer giving bank box with pictures of Heifer project participants on the sides.
Read more about the Giving Bank resource.

The giving bank is ideal to collect cash and a simple reminder of our participants.

Living Gift Market Poster.
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This handy poster will compliment your Living Gift Market with all of the animal descriptions and prices.

A portion of the poster shown, with text saying
Read more about the Faith Event Poster resource.

Use this poster to announce any Heifer event your faith community hosts.