These activities and resources are designed for students in sixth grade or higher. Students are challenged to practice nonfiction reading skills, make scientific discoveries and strengthen problem-solving abilities while learning how Heifer makes a difference for families around the world.

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Find Your Animal Alter Ego

You probably know that livestock like bees, goats, alpacas and cows make a big difference in the lives of Heifer’s partners. But have you ever considered which Heifer animal you are? Watch this video quiz and answer a few questions to find out!

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Learn more about Advanced Coloring Page-Goat.
advanced coloring page goat cover

Advanced Coloring Page-Goat

Our adult coloring page featuring a goat from Heifer International is a great way to relax while inspiring some creativity.

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Learn more about Heifer Anagram Challenge.
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Heifer Anagram Challenge

Put your vocabulary skills to the test with our anagram challenge. To solve the puzzle, use the letters of the words provided to create other words.

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Learn more about Mighty Páramo.
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Mighty Páramo

Home to Heifer’s alpaca projects, the páramo is a unique ecosystem high in the Andes Mountains. This hands-on geography and environment demonstration illustrates the importance of protecting the delicate balance between nature and humans.

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Learn more about Word Ladders.
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Word Ladders

Can you solve the Word Ladder challenge? This vocabulary puzzle begins with one word and ends in an entirely different word.

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Learn more about Advanced Coloring Page.
coloring page

Advanced Coloring Page

Our advanced coloring page is a great way to spark some creativity and to help you relax, unwind and destress!

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Learn more about Environment Crossword and Info Sheet.
Environment Crossword and Info Sheet

Environment Crossword and Info Sheet

Learn about the ways that Heifer’s partners work to improve the environment and care for the earth. The info sheet provides clues to this challenging crossword puzzle!

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Learn more about Can I Recycle This? Infographic.
Can I Recycle This? Infographic

Can I Recycle This? Infographic

Use this helpful guide to help you improve your care for the earth by recycling at home.

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Learn more about Dot to Dot Challenge.
Dot to Dot Challenge page

Dot to Dot Challenge

This is not the typical “connect the dots” activity that you remember from elementary school! With patience and focus, you’ll uncover a helpful resource for struggling families around the world.

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Learn more about What's the Difference?.
What's the Difference cover

What’s the Difference?

How sharp are your observational skills? Compare images of Heifer’s partners around the world, and try to find subtle differences. Can you find them all?

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Learn more about Funny Fill-ins on the Farm.
Funny Fill-ins on the Farm cover

Funny Fill-Ins on the Farm

Have a laugh while practicing grammar and vocabulary skills! This fill-in story will challenge students to remember parts of speech… and might make them giggle at the same time.

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Learn more about 7 Ms Interactive Guide.
7 Ms Interactive Guide cover

7 Ms Interactive Guide

What can livestock provide for families in need? At Heifer, we think they can give 7 different kinds of help — and they all start with the letter M! Explore the 7 Ms with fun activities in our interactive 7 Ms guide.

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Learn more about Country Word Search.
country word search

Country Word Search

Can you find 21 countries where Heifer works? This challenging word search will familiarize you with the names of the countries where Heifer families are improving their lives through agriculture.

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