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Give the Gift of Livestock

Livestock play a central role in our work, both as a strategy for alleviating poverty and achieving food security and proper nutrition.

Livestock provide food and nutrition for people, while also giving them tangible assets with which they can improve their livelihoods. Each country program has a tailored approach to animal health and husbandry, based on local resources and livestock

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Goats: Learn have goats have helped women become successful. Gives stories from Nepal. Discover hands-on fun and facts for learning about and sharing info about goats.

Bees: Examines the importance of bees, as providers of honey and as pollinators; Gives stories from Mexico, Armenia, Honduras and South Africa. Videos and infographics allow students to get up close and personal with bees.

Chickens: Plenty of facts about chickens and their impact. Describes how chickens have changed lives; Gives stories from China, Cambodia, Nepal

Water Buffalo: Discover facts and trivia about Water Buffalo, and also how to “building” one. Gives stories from Romania, Cambodia, Philippines



  • Goat
  • Bees
  • Chicken
  • Water Buffalo

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