GENERAL Faith Resources

Put your faith into action with our free resources for faith communities. Our programs inspire change and get your congregation involved in ending hunger and poverty, bringing the commandment to “love your neighbor” to life year-round.

Faith Bulletin Insert.
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These weekly bulletin inserts provide information about Heifer's history and origin.

A portion of the poster shown, with text saying
Read more about the Faith Event Poster resource.

Use this poster to announce any Heifer event your faith community hosts.

An image of the Heifer giving bank box with pictures of Heifer project participants on the sides.
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The giving bank is ideal to collect cash and a simple reminder of our participants.

A picture several Heifer animal cards laid in a pile.   Cards include a picture and facts and information about each animal.
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An informational tool to teach groups about the importance and the value of the resources project participants receive.

Text: Heifer Faith Lessons. With an illustration of an open book next to it.
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Each lesson includes a scripture passage, activities and a connection to Heifer’s work to improve income and nutrition for struggling families around the world.

Heifer Faith Offering Envelopes.
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Offering plate sized envelopes to collect your congregant's gifts.