Book of Remembrance

Ruth E Adomeit

Cleveland, OH

Ruth E Adomeit

Ruth E. Adomeit died February 16, 1996 at the age of 86 while residing at the Judson Park Retirement Community. Miss Adomeit was born in Cleveland. She lived in the large family home all of her lifetime. She worked as a secretary at the Cleveland Institute of Art and as an elementary school teacher.

Miss Adomeit was an internationally known collector of miniature books and pre-Columbian artifacts. She was an arts patron who sponsored many shows and events. Her late father, George Adomeit, was considered an outstanding painter of the Cleveland School movement and was the owner of the Coxton Printing Company.

She started her collection of miniature books when her father gave her a couple while she was a student at Wellesley College. The collection grew to include more than 8,000 books. In 1988, she placed 3,500 of her volumes on exhibit at the Cleveland Public Library. Some of the books were hundreds of years old; including one that had been written by hand in 1320. It was believed to have been the largest exhibit of miniature books ever held.

Miss Adomeit was also interested in natural history and the environment. Among the organizations she supported were the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Nature Conservancy, and Heifer International.

A memorial was established in 1996 with Heifer International Foundation from the bequest and annuity funds of Ruth Adomeit totaling $21,353. Every year, income from the Ruth Adomeit Memorial will be used by Heifer International to help families produce food and income for themselves.