Book of Remembrance

Woody and Rosemma Coppess

Asheville, NC

Woody Coppess was born November 14, 1922, in Darke County, Ohio. Rosemma Dull Coppess was born June 18, 1924 in Montgomery County, Ohio. They grew up on farms and met in 4-H, marrying in 1945. After World War II, they were active in the Church of Brethren in Southern Ohio and knew the founder of Heifer International, Dan West, personally. Rosemma’s father, Vernon S. Dull, served as an early Heifer Cowboy, transporting cattle to Europe by ship. Woody helped to collect donated heifers and prepare them for shipping by sea and by air. Heifer International has held an important place in their charitable giving.

Throughout their lives the Coppesses have traveled extensively and have had a great interest in seeing new places and cultures. During their working years, they lived in several locations in the United States and in Europe. Once they retired to Asheville, NC, they became heavily involved in volunteer work in that community and on mission trips to areas damaged by natural disasters.

Rosemma died on May 31, 2010 and Woody died eight days later on June 8, 2010. Remembering Heifer International in their wills, their bequest is being included in the Heifer Foundation Cowboy Endowment.