Book of Remembrance

Roy Awalt

Rocklin, CA

Roy Awalt

Roy was born in Arkansas City, Kansas, on January 15, 1932, to Jack and Edith Cook Awalt. He spent most of his youth in Denver, and Zionsville.

Roy graduated from Indiana University with a degree in chemistry in 1954. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Force and served three years as a Special Weapons Officer. He worked in the laboratory at Shell Oil in southern California, but soon realized he was much more of a people person, and sought an outside sales position. Roy was hired by Beckman Instruments and spent 26 years as a very successful sales engineer in their Analytical Instruments Division.

He was a natural leader and a natural athlete. He pursued excellence and adventure in most things he did. His zest for life led him to pursue many sports and pastimes. He was especially passionate about skiing and riding his BMW motorcycles. In retirement, he obtained his pilot’s license and pursued golf, swimming and fitness.

Roy will be remembered for his faith in God, love of his church, devotion to family, loyalty to friends, generosity of spirit, a “wicked” sense of humor, and his richly resonant bass voice.