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Forty-six percent of Honduras’ population live in rural areas. The World Bank reports that 29 percent of its land area is used for agricultural purposes and 35 percent of its total population rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Honduras rates 129 out of 187 countries in poverty according to the United Nation’s Human Development Index (2014). About 16.5 percent of its 8 million people live below the poverty line, or $1.25 a day, and 7 percent of its children under 5 are malnourished.

4005 Families
Were Assisted in FY2014

Livestock Placed In FY2014

Our Work In Honduras

Heifer Honduras supports small-scale farmers and indigenous populations who live in rural areas. We provide farmers with gifts of animals, seeds, equipment and training that contribute to improving their farms’ production.

Our regional programs focus on improving the quality, production, processing and marketing of coffee, cacao, cardamom, and honey. Farmers learn to manage sustainable and diverse food systems in an Earth-friendly way.

Additionally, we promote training and technical assistance that can help farmers identify new business opportunities and access national and international markets.

The Lopez Family work on their integrated farm in the San Antonio community.
  • Women’s Empowerment

    Full Participation, Leadership Training, Women-led Farmer and Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Asset Ownership

  • Increased Income

    Technical Assistance and Training, Business Acquisition, Credit Access, Market Access

  • Social Capital

    Passing on the Gift®, Youth Leadership, 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development, Organization Development

  • Nutrition

    Animal and Crop Management, Dietary Diversification, Food Preparation Training, Family Planning, Maternal and Infant Health

  • Environment

    Natural Resource Management, Agroecology, Agroforestry, Improved Cookstoves, Organic Gardening

Programs and Projects


    Economic Improvement and Food Security in Coffee, Cocoa, and Other Crop Commodities

    Livestock and Sustainable Agriculture on Latin American Hillsides

Project Partners


  • Keurig Green Mountain
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Local Implementing Partners

  • World Food Program
  • Forest Conservation Institute (ICF)
  • National Autonomous University of Honduras
  • Swiss Red Cross
  • Swisscontact
  • Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Helvetas Foundation
  • National Vocational Training Institute
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • National Agriculture University
  • Enterprise Development Center of Catacamas
  • USAID Access
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Honduras National Association of Beekeepers
  • Foundation for Participatory Research in Honduras (FIPAH)
  • El Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School
  • Directorate of Agricultural Science and Technology (DICTA)
  • Rural Reconstruction Program (PRR)
  • The Honduran Institute of Coffee
  • National Food / Agriculture Development Program
  • COMSA Company
  • Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock
  • National Agricultural Health Service
  • Institute for Cooperation and Self-Development (ICADE)
  • The National Commission to Develop Non-formal Alternative Education (CONEANFO)
  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • Intibucá Regional Health Office
  • Trees for The Future
  • Central Committee for Water for Integrated Development of Lempira
  • Human Development Center
  • Association of Farmers with Agroforestry Systems for Organic Cocoa- Olancho (APROSACAO)
  • Patuca Association
  • Association of CIALs of Lago de Yojoa (ASOCIALAYO)
  • “Copantillo Well-being” Rural Savings and Loan Association of San Andrés Lempira
  • Women’s “Las Estrellas de Santa Cruz” Rural Savings and Loan Association of Santa Cruz Lempira
  • Pespirense Development Association
  • Association of Ecological Committees of Southern Honduras (ACESH)
  • Regional Agroindustrial Brazil Nut Production Cooperative of the South (CREPAIMASUL)
  • Municipal Committee to Defend Nature in the Municipality of El Corpus (COMUDEM)
  • Municipalities of Dulce Nombre de Culmi, Santa Cruz, San Andrés, San Manuel, Catacamas, Santa María del Real and San Sebastian
  • Combined Cooperative Nueva Lucha Limited


Heifer International Honduras

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T: 504-2-228-6197

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E: heifer.honduras@heifer.hn

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