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Sharing and Caring

Cooperation and friendship are key components of all our projects. Recipients of animals and trainings are expected to share what they learn with their neighbors. It's not uncommon for project recipients to share their animals' bounty, too. Families who receive draft animals often help till neighbors' fields, and people with chickens often share eggs.

Sharing & Caring In Action

One of the most important impacts that has occurred as a result of the “Sharing and Caring” Cornerstone is that many project participants of different castes, who once would not have associated with each other (treating lower caste members as untouchables), now sit together on mats, share meals, help each other in times of need, and envision and plan a shared future for their community.

Sharing and Caring in Action
I am glad I am a member of this self-help group. I share fresh vegetables from my garden. The women in my group gave my daughter a scholarship. We are equal despite our different economic backgrounds or marital status. When I’m home I feel alone, but not when I’m with my group. Radha Kandel, Sundar Bagaicha self-help group, Suntalabari village, Kaski, Nepal

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