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Nutrition and Income

Livestock contribute to human nutrition and well-being by providing high-quality protein (milk, meat, eggs), fiber (wool), draft power for crops and transportation, and manure for fertilizer.

Livestock have the potential for profitability so that income can be generated for education, health care, housing and emergencies. As living savings accounts, livestock also provide long-term economic security.

Even before becoming an official project, some self help groups in Asia establish a group savings and credit fund. As the fund grows, project participants leverage it to finance micro- enterprises that can provide sustained income. The fund can also be mobilized to finance other activities that improve nutrition and increase income, such as kitchen and community gardens, herb cultivation, bee-keeping, bamboo handicrafts, etc.

Nutrition & Income In Action

Nutrition and Income in Action
We need a balanced diet each day. Before, we didn’t prioritize our diet. Now, we have fresh vegetables from our kitchen garden and fresh milk and butter from our dairy cattle. We sell the surplus. Before, we asked our husbands for money, but now we have our own income. Sabitri Adhikari, Sundar Bagaicha self-help group, Suntalabari village, Kaski, Nepal

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