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Gender and Family Focus

We support the full and equitable development of both men and women to strengthen families and improve communities. Yet, women often shoulder most of the responsibility for caring for the extended family, the household and farming. Further, they have few rights or privileges. We're working to change the world for women; to unlock their potential and put them in control of their futures.

To ensure women are equally involved in decision-making, training and sharing in the benefits of projects, we work with women’s groups and mixed-gender groups. Gender sensitivity training is offered to both women and men, which encourages husbands and wives to share in decision-making, ownership of the animals, labor and the benefits of projects. The training uses a family focus, demonstrating how gender equity benefits all family members, resulting in improved family harmony.

Participants commonly cite the following impacts of increased gender awareness:

  • A decrease in family violence
  • All school-age girls and boys attending school
  • Women owning land
  • Women owning small businesses
  • Women earning their own income
  • Husbands sharing more equally in household chores
  • Husbands encouraging wives to participate in group activities

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