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Accountability is critical to the success of each of our projects. Our country programs, project partners and project groups are responsible for the success of the project and are accountable to each other and must work together to achieve common goals. We provide livestock, supplies, expertise and support, while project participants reciprocate with hard work, full participation in group activities and with the pledge to pass on what they learn and receive.

Local organizational partners are accountable for building the capacity of project groups through quality training and support and by abiding by the terms of their Letters of Agreement with the our country program office. Partners must also submit semi-annual monitoring reports during the two-year project period, a final report at the end of the project period, and semi-annual monitoring reports for two years after funding has ended.

We require the country program office to providing resources, training, and transparent guidelines and policies, and to conduct its own self-review to ensure the country program activities are on track and to create opportunities for reflection and continued improvement.

Accountability In Action

Accountability in Action
I am more accountable to my children, making sure they are properly fed and sent to school on time. Padma Malla, Sundar Bagaicha self-help group, Suntalabari village, Kaski, Nepal

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