Overcoming environmental challenges to increase food security

We equip farmers with the tools and expertise they need to increase productivity and close the living income gap.

Detailed map highlighting the geographic locations of past and active projects in Senegal.
Sheep, Goat, Poultry, Swine
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Agriculture is a key driver of Senegal’s economy but periodic droughts, soil erosion, overgrazing and desertification are major obstacles that farmers face.

In recent years, the government has increased investment in agriculture, creating opportunities to reduce hunger and poverty, and improve nutrition.

Heifer International has worked in Senegal since 2007. Our projects equip farmers with the tools and expertise they need to increase productivity and achieve sustainable livelihoods while cultivating a diverse, consistent supply of nutritious food.

We link farmers to markets in the sheep, goat, poultry, and swine value chains and help them access capital and valuable business connections.

We work with communities to secure year-round access to clean water and support local women to raise fish and poultry to diversify their incomes.


602,000  families supported
by our work.


Our Nutrition Centered Accelerate Project is working with government and local councils to support local farmers to increase and diversify the production of high-value crops and short-cycle livestock species such as poultry, small ruminants and swine. The project aims to improve the food security and nutrition of 20,000 resource limited families in the Kolda and Kaffrine regions while putting them on the path to a living income.

We are also implementing the Dolly Ranch Holistic Land and Livestock Management Project in partnership with the government of Senegal and the Savory Institute. This project is a five-year innovative pilot in the Dolly Ranch located in the Louga region of Senegal focusing on a holistic approach to land management as a way of revitalizing degraded land, which serves as an important driver of development for rural communities.

Living Income

Heifer works with farmers to secure a living income so they can lead dignified and prosperous lives. Learn more about what achieving a living income entails.


  • Brooke International West Africa
  • Cellule de Lutte contre la Malnutrition
  • Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production
  • Ministry of Women, Family and Gender
  • National Domestic Biogas Program of Senegal
  • Programme Multinational de Renforcement de la Résilience à l’Insécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle au Sahel
  • Senegal Mayors’ Association
  • World Food Programme Senegal

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