Working to end hunger and poverty in environmentally sustainable ways

We provide Haitian farmers with livestock, seeds, animal management training, as well as finance and technical support to grow their businesses.

Detailed map highlighting the geographic locations of past and active projects in Haiti.
Northern and Southern Haiti
Dairy, Coffee, Rice
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Haiti is facing huge social and economics difficulties. Mismanagement of the environment and its geography leaves many Haitians vulnerable to devastating hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.  

Heifer International first sent support to Haiti in 1949 with donations of cattle and goats sent by ship from the United States.

Our current program started in 1999, focusing on ending hunger and poverty in environmentally sustainable ways. We work with local farmers providing livestock, seeds, and animal management training, in addition to access to finance and technical support.

By building animal breeding centers, providing training to the farmers, technical assistance and educating local animal health workers, we are increasing farm productivity. Animals and vegetable gardens also provide families with more nutritious diets and increase incomes, while enhancing resilience against extreme weather.



More than 685,000 families supported by our work.

Our work focuses on the dairy, coffee, and rice value chains to improve farmers’ access to markets through enterprise development.

In 2010, we conducted a large-scale assessment of our work in Haiti and created strategic guidelines through 2020. Our efforts have been recognized for their effectiveness by Haiti’s Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture Natural Resources and Rural Development and receive strong support from donors, corporations, and institutions.

We are currently working with communities across Haiti to rebuild and strengthen agricultural systems following Hurricane Matthew in 2016. We are working to restore livestock production and to support communities to expand into other value chains such as vetiver, meat, cereals, moringa, honey, dairy and eggs production .

In the North-West  and North-East departments, we are working with communities on integrated water resources management to improve food security and nutrition, and ensure better governance.

Living Income

Heifer works with farmers to secure a living income so they can lead dignified and prosperous lives. Learn more about what achieving a living income entails.


  • Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation  
  • Aveda
  • International Flavors and Fragrances/Unilever
  • Ministry of Agriculture Natural resources and Rural Development
  • Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad
  • Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation  
  • Office of the Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities
  • State Secretariat for Literacy
  • UniKode


Local Partners

  • Action Communautaire Haïtienne pour le  Développement Agricole
  • Agro-Ecologiques Desrouilleres
  • Agro Économique Humain d’Haïti
  • Association des Colons de Dosmon
  • Association Femmes Paysannes de Bas-Selpetre
  • Association Femme Paysanne de Lagoune
  • Association des Jeunes pour le Progrès de Ravine Normande
  • Association des Travailleurs de Cabaret
  • Collectif pour le Développement Durable et de la Protection de l’environnement
  • Coopérative pour le développement de l'Agro Industrie et des Technologies
  • Cooperative des producteurs de Vetiver et autres Produits Agricoles
  • Défavorisés des Nippes
  • Federasyon Oganizasyon Peyizan Roseaux
  • Groupement des Citoyens pour la Décentralisation des Nippes
  • Groupement Eleveurs pour Développement de Ouanaminthe
  • Gwoupman Fanm Tet Kole Denoye
  • Gwoupman Fanm Vanyan Sodo
  • Initiative Haïtienne pour l'Encadrement des Paysans
  • Koperativ Espwa pou Demen
  • Koperativ Pwodikte Myel Terye Rouj
  • Mouvement des Jeunes Progressistes de Mron
  • Mouvman Devlopman Kominote Gran Basen
  • Oganizasyon Fanm Konba Leyon
  • Oganizasyon Fanm Lakay
  • Oganizasyon Peyizan Dumas
  • Organisation des Planteurs et Eleveurs Familles
  • Organisation Pour Le Développement de Cabaret
  • Organisation des Paysans pour le Développement
  • Organisation Pour Le Progrès et le Développement de la Montagne
  • Organisation Tete Colle Montagne Carree
  • Union des Jeunes pour le Développement de Savane du Bois

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