The cover of Heifer International's Living Gift Market Activity Book

Living Gift Market

Activity Book

Do you need a resource to hand out in advance of or during your Living Gift Market event, so shoppers can prepare their shopping lists? Our Living Gift Market Activity Book gives a quick peek into Heifer's mission, with information about our livestock and agricultural gifts to help families toward self-reliance. Plus, we include fun activities (a coloring page, riddles, a maze and more) for younger family members ... or the young at heart!

This fun and educational booklet is available as a download or a printed resource.

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Resource Overview

Make these guides available in advance of your event so attendees can learn about Heifer's living gifts like chickens, which help families start their journey toward self-reliance by supplying them with nutritious eggs to eat, share and sell. Or hand out these activity books at your event so that your attendees can have a take-home resource about Heifer’s work to end hunger and poverty.



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