Feeding 5,000 Art Workshop.

Feeding 5,000 Art Workshop

Our Feeding 5000 Art Workshop encourages your classes to create art together, depicting fish in banners or mobiles that can be displayed in your church or homes of congregants.

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Resource Overview

Feeding 5,000 takes on a global view in the guiding principle of Passing on the Gift®. It is the first of Heifer’s 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development and highlights the importance of sharing our gifts with others. Heifer works with communities to provide the means for people to support themselves. A family is expected to pass on its gift by sharing one or more of its animal’s offspring—along with knowledge, resources and skills—with a neighbor in hopes of improving the health of the entire community. Families pass on the gift to another, then to another, until every family in the community is self-reliant. Then, the community passes on the gift to other communities and reaches a global impact of ending hunger and poverty.

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