Heifer International Blockchain Initiatives

We believe blockchain technology will forever change the way non-profit organizations create value for beneficiaries and project stakeholders.

Heifer International’s long history of success has depended greatly upon donor trust and our ability to deliver impact through our innovative programming. The idea of trust is now being redefined by new technologies like distributed systems. Our vision is to build a blockchain network for agricultural development where all farmers can have access to working capital, technical assistance, and expanding markets.

Our Blockchain Initiatives Team is constantly discovering new opportunities to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize international sustainable development. We are focused on partnering with governments, private organizations, and non-profit coalitions to create lasting change. In 2016, our team helped Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative launch the first poultry supply-chain tracking application on the Ethereum blockchain and we’ve been accepting donations via a variety of digital currencies for several years.

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We are currently planning, designing, or piloting the following list of blockchain-based projects. We intend to scale these solutions to our programming locations around the world after further research, testing, and refinement. The core values of security, community, transparency, and sustainability are embedded in all our blockchain projects. Ultimately, each project is a sequential building block on the path towards transforming Heifer International into a decentralized autonomous organization.

Blockchain-based Projects

Asset Registration and Tracking

Food Supply Chain Tracking

Food traceability and authentication are critical to improving food security and fair trade. Sourcing food contamination, production costs, and certified quality can be difficult in today’s food supply chain. Heifer is utilizing blockchain technology across global supply chains with a variety of partners. We are working in a coffee supply chain in Central America as well as a cacao supply chain in Honduras.

Land Title Initiative

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Land registration and ownership in developing countries is crucial to alleviating hunger and poverty. Farmland and property can make up to 75% of a nation’s wealth yet 75% of the world’s population cannot prove they own the land on which they live or work. Blockchain technology offers a more reliable, cost-effective, and efficient land registry solution. Heifer is partnering with ziggie to develop a sustainable business model that helps small-holder farmers obtain funds for land acquisition while participating in agro-ecological training programs.

Heifer receives more of your donation if you pay digitally instead of fiat.

This is due to the fact that non-profit organizations are not required to pay capital gains tax on digital currency. Donors can also deduct the full market value of contributions and receive significantly lower transaction fees compared to traditional means like credit cards. Give more towards ending hunger and poverty and less towards fees and taxes! 

Contact us with questions, comments, or potential partnerships ideas at blockchain@heifer.org.

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