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What Read to Feed Means to Me

By Heifer International

April 13, 2016

What Read to Feed Means to Me

Editor's Note: To celebrate the Read to Feed spring match, a $50,000 matching gift challenge that will match every dollar raised by Read to Feed students and classrooms around the country, we're sharing a special series of Read to Feed stories from teachers and students. Madeleine Poitras is one such student, and we were delighted to hear what Read to Feed has meant to Madeleine and her family.   

Kate's Take

Here's what Madeleine's mom, Kate, had to say about the program when she sent us her daughter's thoughts on Read to Feed. Thanks so much, Kate!

My daughter, Madeleine Poitras, has asked me to forward the following information to you. She participated in the Read to Feed Program in Hopedale, MA with Laurie Wodin. She absolutely loved the program and still talks about the positive impact it had on her. 

Thank you so very much for the work you do in support of this wonderful program. It has made a lasting impression on our family, especially on Madeleine. I truly believe that this experience will lead her to do more good in the world. 

Kate Poitras

World Ark: What is a book you enjoy reading?  Why do you like it?

Madeleine: A book I really love to read over and over again is On Two Feet and Wings by Abbas Kazerooni. I love this book because it shows real life struggles through the point of view of a brave little boy all on his own. I really enjoy being informed about the situations of refugees and this book helped me be more compassionate.

World Ark: What did you like most about participating in Read to Feed?

Madeleine: What I really love about Heifer International is that, when I started this project, I immediately began thinking about how many people I was going to help. One student’s reading power and one family’s donations, multiplied by the number of students in a class, has infinite possibilities.

I have been involved in Heifer International in the past, and I always get giddy when their catalogue arrives in the mailbox. I love the feeling of helpfulness, the feeling that Heifer International creates when students pick up a book, and parents pick up a pen and the pledge sheet. It shows students that one dollar, ten dollars, as much as your piggy bank can hold, or any three or four cents that you can scrape up, is life-saving. $60. That’s how much a trio of rabbits costs, which, believe it or not, can be food, pay for education, pay for other necessities, and multiply, to be given to the community. Also, there is no ‘small amount’ of money. Everything helps, remember that.

Read, not for yourself, or to get a good grade, but read to feed.

I want my kids to learn that! Take me to Read to Feed!