Ripple Effect Images releases seven new films

By Heifer International

September 18, 2013

Ripple Effect Images releases seven new films

Ripple Effect Images, a team of journalists documenting the lives of poor women and girls and highlighting the programs helping empower them, visited Heifer projects in Puno, Peru, last October.

Ripple Effect Images
Sofia in her new home. Photo courtesy of Ripple Effect Images.

We are excited to share Ripple Effect Images' announcement of a major addition to their archive, which includes a second video from their trip with Heifer Peru staff:

Women and girls in developing countries bear the greatest burden as climate change impacts our world: water/food security, clean cooking technology, and sustainable agriculture. When it comes to climate change, women and girls just carry a bigger load. A woman will pay forward any opportunity she has - to her kids, her family, her girlfriends, and her community. Ripple Effect Images covers innovative programs that empower women and girls around the world. One image does not change the world, but can start a Ripple Effect. Help spread the message that women and girls are the world's best investment:

If you haven't had the chance to check out their work, go watch their five-minute film about their mission. Take some time to browse their archives, and be sure to watch Bit by Bit and In this House, which tell the stories of two of our amazing project participants, Elizabeth and Sofia. Primary support came from Ripple Effect Images, Harbers Family Foundation and The George Family Foundation; with still phography by Annie Griffiths, Executive Director/Photographer of Ripple Effect Images; video by Rick Gershon, filmmaker and Director of Photography; and production by Media Storm.

We were thrilled when Ripple Effect Images wanted to work with us. The images and video that have come out of this project are stunning and go a long way to help tell the story of how Heifer International empowers women to carve their own path out of hunger and poverty.