A Few of Patrick Rothfuss' Favorite Things

A photograph of the author, Annie Bergman.

By Annie Bergman

December 12, 2013

A Few of Patrick Rothfuss' Favorite Things

Sure goats and their mythological counterparts are found in loads of fantastical stories, but fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss is partial to the very real goats that you can find on all kinds of farms from here to Uganda. He kind of likes pigs, too. We'll let him tell you why, but you can also hear more from him in the Holiday edition of World Ark magazine.

Author Patrick Rothfuss talks about why goats are his favorite of the Heifer animals.

Rothfuss, who has been running fundraisers for Heifer on his own and through his Worldbuilders organization since 2008, has raised raised millions of dollars and great awareness for Heifer International. And this year, his fans are helping Heifer in a fashion that's breaking records.

This year's fundraiser has already more money in its first week than it did in the first year, Rothfuss said on his blog. Since the launch on December 2, Worldbuilders has raised nearly $80,000 for Heifer. 

Amazing work we're definitely going to keep tabs on as we approach the end of the year. Thanks, Patrick, and to all the fans out there helping the Worldbuilders fundraiser this year.