How to Give Yourself a Tax Break Today

By Heifer International

December 31, 2017

How to Give Yourself a Tax Break Today

Picture this: It's sometime between now and April 2018. You're working on your taxes. All of a sudden, you realize that if your deductions total was higher, you would either owe less or get more money back. Sad face.

This scenario doesn't have to be your reality. Make a year-end contribution to Heifer International today and you will lessen your tax burden. At the same time, you will give a family the resources they need to escape hunger and poverty and live sustainable, self-sufficient lives. Happy face, right?

Follow these simple instructions today to turn that future frown upside-down:


STEP TWO: Hover over Gift Catalog, then click on Give Where Needed Most.

STEP THREE: Use the donation slider to select the amount you want to give, then click GIVE NOW. For gifts less than $100, click Want to give a different amount? Then, type the amount of your donation and click GIVE NOW.

STEP FOUR: Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT or Check out with PayPal to process your payment.

STEP FIVE: Proceed through the Donor Information, Billing Address and Payment Information screens. In just a moment, you'll receive an email confirmation of your gift. And very soon, your friendly mail carrier will bring you a tax receipt.

Be happy that you just changed someone's life.

On behalf of our families all around the world, thank you for your gift. Now, go finish those taxes with a happy face! 

Top photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash