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Heifer's 2016 Annual Report

By Chelsey Louzeiro

January 25, 2017

Heifer's 2016 Annual Report
Our definition of a decent standard of living. 

We’ve set the ambitious goal of helping 4 million families achieve living incomes by 2020. That means families can afford a decent standard of living, with access to nutritious food, education, safe housing, health care and more. 

In our 2016 Annual Report, you’ll learn how we’re making the path to living incomes a reality for families worldwide.

We use our proven community development approach to train small-scale farmers and connect them with local markets. We know our work improves the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. How do we know?

We measure our impact.

Families who participate in Heifer projects see significant increases in:

  • Income and assets
  • Dietary diversity
  • Women’s decision-making power
  • Adoption of climate-smart agriculture

We also tell their stories.

From families in Asia to those in Africa and the Americas, stories in our 2016 Annual Report illustrate our impact and what it means for the farmers we support.

Just need the facts and figures?

We’ve got you covered. Our report lays out:

  • Core values
  • Where we work
  • Number of families assisted
  • Financials
  • And more!

We believe in a future free from hunger and poverty, and we’re seeing more families move toward living incomes. We couldn’t have made this progress without support from generous donors like you.

Thank you for walking this path with us. Download the report here.