Our Anniversary in Photos: 79 Years of Impact

By Heifer International

May 31, 2023

Last Updated: July 12, 2023

As we celebrate Heifer International's 79th anniversary this month, we also pause to appreciate the journey, tracing our roots back to 1944. What started as one man's determination to alleviate hunger has since flourished into a global agricultural mission that enriches communities worldwide with nourishment and dignified livelihoods. 

A woman poses in front of an agrovet shop in Kenya.
Christine Okode, an agrovet in Kenya, is one of millions of people we've partnered alongside as our work has evolved to focus on agricultural development and sustainable living incomes for farmers. Photo by Allan Gichigi/Heifer International.

None of this would be possible without our dedicated network of farmers, donors and friends. To understand the magnitude of this impact further, we invite you to immerse yourself in our photo essay below. Enjoy this visual narrative which captures the essence of Heifer's contributions over nearly eight decades.

A man uses a machine to cut silage in front of a group of people.
A Heifer team member demonstrates how to use a silage machine for a group of livestock farmers in Kiboga, Uganda. Photo by Zahara Abdul/Heifer International.

Since 1944, we have conducted over 1.5 million hours of training on sustainable farm management, nutrition, social capital, gender equity, animal husbandry, business and financial literacy, and many other topics to equip farming communities with the knowledge and skills to establish successful farms.

A Senegalese woman holds an educational chart in front of a group of women and children.
Nafi Sané, a Heifer-trained community facilitator, teaches mothers in her Senegalese village how to make nutrient-dense porridge as a means of addressing high rates of child malnutrition. Photo by Sylvain Cherkaoui/Heifer International.

We’ve dedicated 79 years to working in places where poverty, climate change, poor market access and other obstacles prevent families from regularly putting meals on the table. Last year alone, Heifer project participants reported an additional three months of adequate food, having enough nutritious food to consistently feed their families for 10 months, up from only seven the previous year.

Two women face each other with a goat in the center.
Women in Bangladesh participate in a Passing on the Gift ceremony during which community members pass on their goats' offspring so others may benefit from the animals' nutrition and income potential.

Heifer’s values training brings community members together to develop shared goals, vision and accountability, including the concept of Passing on the Gift®, a commitment to share knowledge and assets with one another in pursuit of collective prosperity. Since 2012, project participants have gifted a value of $1.39 million of their animals’ offspring to others in their community.

An overhead view of crates of eggs.
Women from the Kikibá Collective in Mexico package egg orders for delivery. With business support and technical training from Heifer, the women-owned enterprise has increased its profits by tapping into local demand for cage-free eggs. Photo by Nicole Franco/Heifer International.

We focus on helping farmers turn their operations into profitable businesses, because we know investing in the agriculture sector is one of the most effective ways to address poverty in rural areas. Heifer-supported entities, like self-help groups and cooperatives, have reported $55,030,691 in sales since 2019.

A Nepali woman poses for a portrait with her hands in prayer position.
Joining a Heifer-supported cooperative in Nepal was the start of Goma Devi Timalsina's journey building her own business, taking on a leadership role for her co-op and eventually running in — and winning — a local election for ward representative. Photo courtesy of Heifer Nepal.

Supporting women farmers to earn their own income and have a voice in their households and communities has long been a part of our programming. Women held nearly 60% of leadership positions in Heifer-assisted cooperatives in 2022, laying the foundation for them to drive transformation at the community level and go on to influence local policy, advocacy and development efforts.

Help Continue Heifer’s Mission

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