Heifer International: Sale of Little Rock Campus Will Not Be Completed

By Heifer International

November 14, 2023

LITTLE ROCK, AR, Nov 14, 2023 – International development organization Heifer International said today that previously announced plans to sell its Little Rock campus to OneHealth will not be completed. 

The campus is the site of the Heifer International headquarters office building, located at 1 World Avenue in the vibrant East Village area of the city. The building has approximately 94,000 square feet of office space and is situated on more than 24 acres. Heifer International and the Heifer Foundation had planned to lease back portions of the office building following the sale. 

Heifer International said it and the Heifer Foundation remain strongly committed to their presence in Little Rock. Both organizations will continue to be based at the campus, respectively occupying the top two floors and a portion of the bottom floor of the four-floor office building. Heifer International is currently completing a full renovation of the two floors it will occupy. 

Heifer International said it will explore options for the award-winning, environmentally friendly campus property that it developed and completed in 2006, and which was built largely with local and recycled materials.

Heifer International also owns and operates the Heifer Ranch Center for Regenerative Agriculture in Perryville, Arkansas.


About Heifer International 

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