Work Areas

Accelerating the path to living incomes

Nutritious food. Shelter. Clean water. A decent education. Access to health care. And a safe and secure environment.


Work Areas

Learn more about Economic Development.
Woman writing in a ledger.

Economic Development

We work with farmers and their communities to identify opportunities within value chains that deliver living incomes.

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Learn more about Environmental Sustainability.
hands planting a crop.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe women-led, small-scale farming is the future of our economy and our relationship with the Earth.

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Learn more about Food Security and Nutrition.
man and woman pouring milk into a large container.

Food Security and Nutrition

With increased productivity of livestock and crops, farmers provide for their families and improve the health of their communities.

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Learn more about Risk Mitigation and Resilience.
Man and woman working with bee hives.

Risk Mitigation and Resilience

We help people forge the first connections so that they can shift from subsistence to sustainability – from reliance on others to resilience.

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Learn more about Women's Empowerment and Social Capital.
Women's Empowerment Malawi

Women’s Empowerment and Social Capital

Investing in women is key to ending hunger and poverty. And it’s at the very center of our community development approach.

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Our Model

We work in 21 countries around the world alongside local farmers and business owners. We support farmers and their communities as they mobilize and envision their futures, provide training so they can improve the quantity and quality of the goods they produce, and connections to market to increase sales and incomes.
Learn more about Community Mobilization.

Community Mobilization

Our teams and partners work and invest alongside farmers as they grow their businesses.

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Women sitting in a semi-circle in Bihar, India.
Learn more about Training.


Learning new techniques allows farmers to scale their businesses.

Learn More About Training
Men and women are trained how to use a weighing contraption to see how big their goats are.
Learn more about Connection to Markets.

Connection to Markets

We help make market linkages so farmers can sell their goods at a better price.

Learn More About Connection to Markets
A young man in Nepal smiles as he walks to the back of a pickup truck loaded with goat. Behind him is a building with a fenced off enclosure for goats.

Explore our projects

Learn more about East Africa Dairy Development Project.

East Africa Dairy Development Project

Dairy farmers in East Africa face many barriers to entering the formal economy.

Learn More About East Africa Dairy Development Project
East Africa Dairy Development Project Heifer International
Learn more about Hatching Hope.

Hatching Hope

An efficient, productive poultry farm can change everything for farmers, their families, and their communities.

Learn More About Hatching Hope
Hatching Hope chicks
Learn more about East Africa Youth Inclusion Project.

East Africa Youth Inclusion Project

The majority of Uganda and Tanzania’s populations are youth, who grow up in poverty.

Learn More About East Africa Youth Inclusion Project
East Africa Youth Inclusion project members calculate earnings
Learn more about Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative.

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative

Farmers operating on their own typically face many costly challenges that keep their earnings down.

Learn More About Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative
Two young farmers squat down in a brushy area behind pigs in the mud.
Learn more about Bihar Socio-economic Development Project, India.

Bihar Socio-Economic Development Project, India

In one of India’s poorest states, Heifer empowers women farmers to provide food for their families, improve the local environment and increase business opportunities for their communities.

Learn More About Bihar Socio-economic Development Project, India
Female goat farmers participating in Bihar Socio-economic Development Project, India.
Learn more about Blue Flames Project - Senegal.

Blue Flames Project - Senegal

Historically, getting fuel to cook with in Senegal has been difficult and harsh on the environment.

Learn More About Blue Flames Project - Senegal
A woman in colorful clothing stirs a pot.
Learn more about Dairy Network in the Andes – Ecuador.

Dairy Network in the Andes – Ecuador

Through coordination and financial services, farmers are able to enter formal markets and meet bigger orders.

Learn More About Dairy Network in the Andes – Ecuador
Farmer feeding his cow.
Learn more about Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal.

Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal

Heifer works with farmer cooperatives to improve financial management and link them to distribution markets

Learn More About Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal
Women goat farmer, Nepal
Learn more about INCOME Project, Cambodia.

INCOME Project, Cambodia

Through specialized production techniques, cooperatives and connections to local markets, Cambodian families earn living incomes.

Learn More About INCOME Project, Cambodia
INCOME project, Cambodia
Learn more about Lenca II Project, Honduras .

Lenca II Project, Honduras

Lempira, located in western Honduras, is the country’s poorest department.

Learn More About Lenca II Project, Honduras
Lenca II, Honduras
Learn more about Leveraging Success, Honduras .

Leveraging Success, Honduras

Heifer provides training and technical support for farmers to boost yields of quality, reliable products for high-value markets.

Learn More About Leveraging Success, Honduras
Mother and Child speaking together.
Learn more about NIKA Milk Project.

NIKA Milk Project

Supporting farming families in Nicaragua’s ‘Milky Way,’ to increase production and diversify their product offerings.

Learn More About NIKA Milk Project
NIKA Milk project
Learn more about Rural Entrepreneurs Project, Mexico.

Rural Entrepreneurs Project, Mexico

In this partnership with the Walmart Foundation, Heifer empowers women farmers across Mexico through training, finance and providing connections to formal markets where they can sell their products.

Learn More About Rural Entrepreneurs Project, Mexico
Rural entrepreneurs in Mexico
Learn more about Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship project, Guatemala.

Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Project, Guatemala

By identifying local market demand and providing support and training, Heifer International and partners are paving the way for women to earn living incomes.

Learn More About Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship project, Guatemala
Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship project, Guatemala