Lenca II Project,

Powering local dairy production

Lempira, located in western Honduras, is the country’s poorest department.

Detailed map highlighting the geographic locations of past and active projects in Honduras.
Lempira, Honduras
Dairy, Grains, Seeds
Active Since
Project Reach
4,500 Families
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Creating a strong platform

Previous Heifer projects in the region focused on increasing food security and providing training for farmers working within the dairy and basic grains value chains. This created a strong platform of work with local farmers for the Lenca II project to build on, closing the gap between actual and living income.

Lenca II, Honduras farmers

 So far, the results are very good. A doubling in dairy production from 0.7 gallons a day to 1.6 gallons has played a big part in increasing income for farmers. 


Farmers have access to new inputs and dairy products, and farming practices and techniques have improved, as farmers receive support from Heifer Honduras’ field teams.

Farming practices and techniques have improved, as farmers receive support from Heifer Honduras’ field teams.

New seed varieties and irrigation systems have been provided to farmers, which have increased grain production, giving them more product to sell and reducing the need to buy food for their families and animals.

Farmer organizations are receiving support with their business plans, improving organizational and productions processes, setting them up to be sustainable and self-reliant, beyond the end of the project.

Local producers are also receiving training so they can meet the required agricultural and hygiene standards and get the operating, quality and safety permits they need to enter the market.

Closing the living income gap

Income in Lempira, Honduras, per person, per day

Actual Income 2017
Actual Income 2018
Living Income Benchmark

Actual Income, World Bank Poverty Line, Living Income Benchmark (sample of projects - adjusted to PPP)

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