Dear Leeloo Team

A Gift has Been Made in your Honor.

This gift is pretty super.

It’s a gift to Heifer International in your name, and it’s going to help other kids around the world. Because of you, children will be able to eat three healthy meals a day, go to school, and play games with their friends. That makes you a superhero, too!

Since you guys at LEELOO are GOATS (Greatest Of All Time) this was a perfect match to give a Goat in your owner! Goats provide so much like cheese that can be sold for income, in turn providing a family's children the opportunity to go to school.

your fellow Leeloo team member and friend,,
Chris Aka Mr Throw You Under the Bus Chris


Say Thanks to Chris Aka Mr Throw You Under the Bus Chris

One gift provides the right resources to help millions of small holder farmers increase their income so that they can feed their families nutritious meals every day, send their children to school and light their way to a better future.