Making a Difference

  1. Start a Memorial Page

    Set up and customize a page to share photos, memories and donations in honor of your loved one.

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    Ask for donations in lieu of flowers to honor your loved one’s memory.

  3. Create a Lasting Legacy

    Celebrate a remarkable life by impacting the world in an extraordinary way.

Stories of Transformation

Emma Remembered

Two days ago, I found out my friend Emma was killed in a car crash. She was going into her senior year of high school, an avid (and incredible) photographer, and was the future Editor-in-Chief of our high school's yearbook. Anyone who met Emma knew just how amazing she was after meeting her because you could hardly miss her with her red hair, camera a-blazing, and infectious laugh.

I'm still stunned that such a shining, excited, and true-to-herself person could be taken in a heartbeat, and I know that all of her friends and family share the same feelings. Emma was a giving person. This coming year she would have traveled to the Dominican Republic to do mission work with her church. It pains me to know that she'll never be able to experience any of that. My gift to Heifer is a gift to Emma as well. Flowers and cards seemed wrong, but I knew it was no coincidence that I thought of Heifer International to remember her by.

I know her family will also appreciate it because the message Heifer spreads is one that they share. I love you, Emma. May you shine always and in everything you do.

- Kaelie

Veronika Empowered

14-year-old Veronika lives on the Azerbaijan border, in Berqaber, Armenia, a village that continues to suffer from unrest. Her family as well as neighbors live day-by-day, often frightened by Azeri sniper gunfire.

"When I learned I would receive a seed grant in the framework of the project, I decided not to wait until I would get the money. I borrowed some money from our neighbor and started my own poultry farm. Of course, I returned the money when I received the grant. I bought 10 hens, three turkeys and five turkey chicks. I also purchased feed, and the vitamins and medicines necessary for the poultry."

"I love my business. It's not an easy deal; it requires care, attention and a high sense of responsibility. I'm sure I'll get good profit from my business when I start selling eggs on the Easter Eve. It's not a secret that eggs have especially high demand at Easter."