How You Can Make a Difference

  1. Dedicate your birthday to ending hunger and poverty

    Create your birthday page and share your commitment to end hunger.

  2. Share with friends and family

    Send an email to friends and family with a link to your page or post it on social media. Let them know that instead of birthday presents, you want donations toward your goal.

  3. Lift families out of hunger and poverty!

    Make dreams come true worldwide.

Stories of Transformation

We Passed on the Gift

The Best Birthday Gift Ever

"Our son is about to turn 12, and two months ago he said he wanted to talk to us about his birthday."

"We thought, 'Here we go - what does he want this year?' Instead he shocked and amazed us by saying that he had everything he needed and he would like to donate the money we would have paid on a present for him to charity."

"We were so proud of him so last week we researched charities on the net and he found Heifer International. Oskar loved the idea of buying an animal so he chose a pig and some honey bees. He is having a small lunch after basketball this Saturday with friends to celebrate his birthday. He asked for no presents, but if his friends wish they can donate $5 each towards buying another animal through Heifer."

Now We are Empowered

"I met 17-year-old Sunil Pariyar during a visit to Bardiya. Talking with this young man was overwhelming. He had so much to say, and his immense respect and pride for his mother was clearly visible. Sunil's mother had truly changed the fate of their family."

"His mother never received a formal education, and her only source of income was a tailoring business she ran from her neighbor's porch. Since receiving training from Heifer, she can read and count. She has opened a tailor shop and gives sewing lessons to other women. The family was able to move from the shed where they lived and shared a single room with four other family members to a new house where everyone has their own bed."

"Before his family became Heifer participants, Sunil faced harsh discrimination based on the caste system because his ethnic background was considered "untouchable." But now his only worries are about his higher education. He says he wants to go to college and study business administration."

- Alina Karki, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Temp for Heifer Nepal