Find Inspiration

  1. Learn From Others

    Hundreds of supporters around the world have raised funds for Heifer in fun, creative and effective ways — and they're sharing their stories of success. 

  2. Increase Awareness

    Read more on who we're helping, where we work, and why what we do is so important — then share these stories with your friends and family to get them excited about joining your fundraising team. The World Ark Blog or World Ark Magazine online are great places to start.

  3. Wear the Mission

    The Marketplace offers earth-friendly goods crafted by artisans in the places where we work. You and your friends can wear T-shirts, hats, bracelets and more to show your support for Heifer's mission. And, every purchase supports smallholder farmers and producers. Visit the Marketplace today.

  4. Multiply Your Impact

    What if your gift could go even further? You can double the impact of your support if your employer matches your donation. You can even get everyone at your office involved with a company fundraiser for Heifer! Find out if your company will match your gift.

Fundraising Tips


It's easy to get started fundraising for Heifer. Share your excitement with others in your community so they will be motivated to make a difference as well.

+ Create a fundraising page, set a goal and ask others to join.

+ Keep your page up-to-date with new photos and messages. The more active your are, the more likely your supporters are to be involved.

+ Come up with a reason for people to give. Maybe you could assign a dollar amount to a word or phrase your group uses, and ask them to give towards your fundraising goal each time they say it. Or, have people make pledges for every mile you ride your bike in a week. The possibilities are limitless, so be creative!

+ Host an event, such as a car wash or bake sale, where everything you raise goes towards your fundraising goal.

+ Remember, the more enthusiasm you have, the easier and more enjoyable fundraising will become.

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Even if you're not fundraising online, you can make a difference at your event. We're happy to help if you need inspiration or want a hand getting started.

Remember that each activity you undertake, big or small, will require plenty of planning and attention to detail. If you're working with a group, it might be helpful to designate a chairperson to be the organizer for your fundraiser. Try to involve everyone. If each person has a task, it creates ownership and pride in the event and will be reflected in the money you raise.

Whether you're joining forces as a social group, men’s club, women’s group or any other kind of organization,  think about the different roles each person can play in making your event successful.

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Don't forget to promote your event. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, other social media, your newsletter, your website or even your local TV station, publicize as much as possible. Be sure to post information about your event on Heifer’s Facebook page or tweet us @Heifer.

+ Film a short video about why you've decided to fundraise for Heifer International (there's nothing like face-to-face communication) and share it on social media.

+ Share a link to your fundraising page on your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, Pinterest board and other social media. The more accessible you make your fundraising efforts, the easier it is for people to support them.

+ Mention your donors in a "Thank You" post on Facebook. Not only does it show your appreciation, but it also lets others know how they can make this same kind of difference in the world.

+ Ask anyone who gives towards your fundraising goal to share about their donation on their social media as well — then challenge others to do the same by tagging them in a post.

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