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Implementation of this five-year project began in July 2012. During the first year, Heifer Haiti focused its attention on building organizational capacity and implementing key activities to make progress toward restoring livelihoods and strengthening economic resiliency of rural households. To ensure project success, Heifer Haiti brought on board additional technical expertise needed for project implementation. Hurricane Sandy, which struck in the fall of 2012, resulted in damages and delays; but Heifer Haiti remains determined to restore livelihoods and strengthen the economic resiliency of rural households.

Aid and relief are necessary in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy or natural disaster— people need food, water, medicines; but long- term investment, in and with the indigenous population—the people of Haiti—is required for full recovery. Recovery in Haiti is possible only through years-long commitments, much like Heifer makes in all communities and countries where we work. We’ve been there and will continue to be there, in Haiti, where there is plenty of hope but not enough help.Pierre Ferrari, Heifer International President and CEO


  • icon for organizations 25 Organizations Established
  • icon for families trained 2,138 Families Trained
  • icon for animals received 2,235 Families That Received Animals
  • icon for wells dug 3 Wells Dug
  • icon for silos 38 Silos Distributed
  • icon for water pumps 14 Water Pumps Installed

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