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EADD: Measuring Success

Since 2008, EADD has connected more than 203,778 small-scale farmers across Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to a larger circle of institutions and services that give them the collective resources and necessary infrastructure to earn a living raising cows and selling milk. This, in turn, allows them to educate their children, access healthcare and invest in their businesses. EADD partnered with 81 dairy producer organizations built around milk bulking and chilling for their members. As a result of collective efforts, farmers raised a total net worth of $10 million through their organizations.

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The regions where we work are seeing positive strides, such as access to credit and bank accounts, women taking more leadership roles in their communities and more involvement from younger participants.


  • icon for $131 million $131 million earned in milk sales by farmers
  • icon for 356 million 356 million liters (94 million gallons) of milk sold
  • icon for $11 million $11 million saved by farmers by 2013

The project immensely contributed to the revival of Kenya’s livestock industry, which according to a 2011 FAO report titled Diary Development in Kenya, accounts for 10 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The report further states that the country’s annual milk production from all diary species is about three billion litres. Moreover, for every 1000 litres handled, about 40,000 jobs are created which further boosts the economy.

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