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Women's Empowerment


In areas of the world where social relationships shape access to resources, the ability for women to be active contributors to society must be encouraged. Our projects bring men and women together in self-help groups to build financial planning, literacy, leadership and other skills. These groups also provide a safe place for women to discover their strengths, allowing them to add value to the decision-making process at home and in the community.

On the Ground

Our projects seek to increase women’s participation in decision-making at the household and community levels, as well as their access to income and assets and leadership roles by:

  • Forming Women's Self–Help Groups

    We encourage the social and economic empowerment of women farmers by providing access to productive resources and services, markets, marketing support and skills for managing the value chain for their products.

  • Designing Projects with Women in Mind

    By focusing on resources that specifically address the needs of women, we strengthen their access to nutrition and assets. When starting a project, we carefully consider issues like access to land, labor, capital, natural resources, education, on-farm and off-farm employment and informal networks.

  • Promoting Gender Equity

    We educate both male and female community members on gender equity and justice. Our values-based approach allows room for discussions about gender that lead to a more inclusive community.

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