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Social Capital


The critical element present in project communities is the energizing spark that motivates and empowers community members to take action. In order to enable true transformative change, we reach marginalized groups and help them self-direct their development and take advantage of inputs available from development organizations, government agencies and other sources.

On the Ground

We build social enterprises and networks, create active strategic alliances and promote community leadership by:

  • Building Community Organizations

    We mobilize and organize communities by strengthening the capacity of new and existing associations, networks and self-help groups to address their development challenges. We facilitate community connections and partnerships with strong local organizations, empowering them to negotiate with both local authorities and the private sector.

  • Promoting Values-Based Sustainable Change

    Communities are organized around shared values, a commitment to justice and self-reliance and respect and support for the role of women. Communities identify their most important social values and make them the cornerstones of their program design. This approach not only ensures traditional leadership structures are fully committed to the program’s success, but also helps achieve internal equity and justice, making communities able to advocate for themselves.

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  • Passing On the Gift

    Passing on the Gift creates a continuously expanding network of dignity and self-reliance, increasing social capital among communities.

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