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What is Heifer Family Giving?

Over the last 75 years Heifer International has been working to end hunger and poverty in communities around the globe. 

Our community development model focuses on building social capital by increasing income and assets within farming families, improving their food security and nutrition, and protecting the environment - with women's empowerment and connected communities at the very center.

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Heifer Family Giving aims to carry forward 75 years of lasting change by allowing you to donate as a family and build meaningful traditions each month. The program aims to help families grow together and teach their children about the importance of generosity, empathy, and compassion.

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How it Works


Join Heifer Family Giving

 Choose the amount you want to give as a family each month.


Make the impact of giving tangible

In your welcome kit, print the progress tracker page to follow along in creating impact together.


Receive monthly teaching guides

Get digital learning resources each month that focus on fostering generosity.

What You Get Each Month

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A downloadable packet will be sent to your email each month that includes:

  • The story of a Heifer family 
  • Conversation starters
  • Monthly challenges
  • Fun activities

Download a Monthly Pack Sample Here

As little as $10 a month can transform a family's future.

Your monthly donation continues to provide families the animals, tools and training needed to escape hunger and poverty, and gives you monthly activities to your email box. 

Select your gift as a family so you can see how your gift transforms communities around the world. After a year of giving, you can provide these animals to a family in need:

  • $10/month provides a goat
  • $15/month provides an alpaca
  • $20/month provides a water buffalo
  • $40/month provides a heifer
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Build a legacy of giving tomorrow while making a difference today.


In our fast-paced lives, we’re always scrolling on our phones or running to the next thing. Through our guided discussions, families can spend quality time growing together.


While we worry about saving thousands of dollars for a comfortable future, others are worrying tonight if they have enough to feed their families tomorrow and send their children to school.


Joining Heifer Family Giving means your family will learn to become change-makers together. From day one, you donation will help families living in poverty — families who might look quite similar to yours.

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A family that gives together, grows together.

Our Work

Since 1944, we've helped more than 36.9 million families lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. See how we do it.


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