Taking Down Toxic Masculinity With Chickens & Other Things That Will Surprise and Delight You

By Bethany Ivie

May 22, 2019

Taking Down Toxic Masculinity With Chickens & Other Things That Will Surprise and Delight You

In This Article

  • POP QUIZ! How does what you eat affect the planet? The New York Times has a fun quiz to tell you.
  • Hey, Game of Thrones fans? Are you ok? We made you a list of cocktails from your favorite series that it sounds like you need.
  • Toxic masculinity is no match for six of our heroes in Cambodia. They're smashing the patriarchy with...chickens?
  • Need a new destination to add to your bucket list? Look no further than Rwanda!

Toxic Masculinity Take Down

Think it’s exhausting to #SmashThePatriarchy in your day-to-day life? Your feelings are valid, but try doing it in rural Cambodia.

“He’s not very successful because he’s not good at communicating,” our hero Hoy Lin explained about her behind-the-times husband. She could help him, she said, but so far, he hasn’t asked. “In Cambodian culture, husbands find it difficult to accept training from wives.” 

Be amazed by the courage of Hoy Lin and five other women who are rising above a lifetime of inequality and abuse.

Hoy Lin is one of the many women taking down toxic masculinity in rural Cambodia with...chickens?

How Does Your Diet Affect The Earth? This Quiz Can Help.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for more reasons than one. It’s becoming clearer by the minute that our choices affect the planet. Find out if your breakfast, lunch or dinner is hurting or helping the Earth. Try to be honest!

Your Watch Has Ended. Time For a Drink.

Is there a Game of Thrones-shaped hole in your life now? Whether you’re mad at how it ended or just want to toast the good times, we’ve GOT you (sorry). Mix up a smoky, mezcal-infused Mother of Dragons, Sansa’s Lemon Cake Martini or Giant’s Milk a la Tormund and mourn (or fume) for as long as you need.

Think Pink

We’ve been waiting more than 80 years for this, y’all. There’s finally a new chocolate in town. And it’s PINK!  

Made from a special cocoa bean found only in the Cote D’Ivoire, Brazil and Ecuador, ruby chocolate had it’s exclusive debut in Japan in 2017 (because of course it was Japan). Chocolatier Barry Calibeau states that ruby chocolate has a “ tension of fresh berry fruitiness.” Since I wasn’t blessed with a refined palate and can’t begin to imagine what a “tension” of anything is, I’m going to need you to head to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Target,  grab a bar and answer these questions for me:

  • Does it taste like something a Teletubby would eat?
  • Do you have any reason to believe that it’s made of Pink Panther?
  • Is this what Janelle Monae meant when she said we’ve got the pink? If so, I’ve been WAY off.
  • Will you send me a bar (and some cookie butter)? We don’t have Trader Joe’s here in Little Rock.

Is Rwanda on Your Travel Bucket List? It Should Be.

Rwanda has an infamous reputation for all the wrong reasons. Here are just a few of the wonderful things that Africa’s fastest-growing country has to offer.