A guide to surviving the heat & more tips for summer

A photograph of the author, Molly Mitchell.

By Molly Mitchell

July 24, 2019

A guide to surviving the heat & more tips for summer

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  • Choosing the right clothing, fabric and deodorant is key to beating the heat.
  • Fried grasshoppers, red ant chutney, roast guinea pig – don't knock them before you try them!
  • Try a cheap, easy craft like Japanese embroidery, Sashiko, to get a break from screens.
  • Plus: profound effects farming can have on mental health.

Extreme heat does strange and terrible things to our bodies, especially for those of us not used to sweltering weather. If you’re traveling someplace with high temps or experiencing a heat wave at home, we’ve got you covered on how to deal with getting overheated:

  • Heat rash is terribly uncomfortable. Prevent it by making sure your deodorant is not antiperspirant, which can clog sweat glands.
  • Sweaty underwear and socks are awful. And they create perfect conditions for bacteria to fester. Avoid these swamp traps by choosing the right materials: Synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics like nylon for underwear, and thin wool or bamboo for socks.
  • Keep mosquitos and sunburns at bay by covering up. Wear pants, not shorts. Try to find super lightweight long-sleeved shirts. And don’t forget your hat!

Adventurous Eating

Next time you head someplace new, try new foods, too. Here are a few daring foods to try from around the world – from fried grasshoppers in Mexico to roasted guinea pig in Peru.

The late chef and travel master Anthony Bourdain said it best: "Do we really want to travel in hermetically sealed popemobiles through the rural provinces of France, Mexico and the Far East, eating only in Hard Rock Cafes and McDonald's? Or do we want to eat without fear, tearing into the local stew, the humble taqueria's mystery meat, the sincerely offered gift of a lightly grilled fish head?"  

A young Ring Tailed Coati (Nasua nasua). Amiens Zoo.
A young coatimundi, one of many unique animals one might see in Guatemala. Photo via Vassil [Public domain]

Discover Guatemala 

Does the phrase “City of Chocolate” pique your interest? What if I told you there is an adorable animal out there that looks just like a combo of a monkey and raccoon? How about ruins of an ancient civilization? Guatemala is home to all of these wonders and more.

Preparing for the Big One

If you live somewhere prone to quakes, like those in California recently, give yourself peace of mind by putting together an earthquake survival kit complete with plenty of saved water and an emergency radio. In the event of any crisis, having a plan ahead of time can make a big difference when things get bad.


Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone in quiet moments, take up a hobby, like Sashiko, Japanese embroidery. Sashiko is a cheap, easy and transportable craft you can learn no problem to mend torn clothing, or as something beautiful and meditative to do with your hands.

Farming Does the Mind and Body Good

Farming is food for the soul and food for the body. One writer found that farming transformed her body image. Instead of taking cues from the numbers on a scale, she grew to value the strength and fortitude she’d developed running a farm. And if you thought equine therapy was cool, check out cow-cuddling.