Look No Further for Your Gift Giving Needs

By Annie Bergman

November 11, 2014

Look No Further for Your Gift Giving Needs

It's that time of year again, folks. The holiday season is upon us, and if you're anything like me, you're sweating the fact that you haven't even thought about what to get everyone on your list. But we've got a great idea for you:

Give Heifer for the Holidays.

Our catalog, The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World, offers the kinds of gifts you can't help but love.

In addition to heifers, we've got goats, llamas and a host of other food and income-producing livestock to choose from. And who wouldn't find a goat adorable? Or a llama? Aside from producing arguably the world's cutest baby animals, goats and llamas—along with resources like water pumps and biogas stoves—can help transform the future for struggling farming families.

Our gifts are a win-win-win. You save time, money and trips to the mall. Families who haven't had enough to eat, or enough money for food and medicines, will have a new beginning. You're connecting with a cause that's transforming lives.

So this year, give heifer for the holidays.