Dairy Goat Farming: A Dream Come True for One Woman

By Heifer International

October 3, 2019

Last Updated: September 12, 2011

Upon joining Rukiga Community Group, which was dominated by women, and later transformed to Rukiga Dairy Goat Project, Enid decided to pursue her dream of farming, more particularly, goat farming. "Many people doubted our group resolve in venturing into goat rearing with no prior experience in the field. But when we started with practical training offered by Heifer International, people believed we were not only dreamers but also performers," she recalled.

In 2008, Enid joined the dairy goat project and after several sustainable trainings, she received a prolific dairy nanny from Heifer in May 2009. Three months later it kidded female twins. "We don’t know what it takes to buy milk these days because our lovely goat produces twins every year and my children love taking care of the project," Enid said.

Enid says that she was trained on goat management practices, pasture establishment, goat health and goat shed construction by Heifer International staff before she received a dairy nanny and managed to raise a zero-grazing shed for the goats because of the concerted efforts of her group members. The training they received in organization development shaped the attitude of members and indeed, Enid is one vivid representative of those hitherto vulnerable persons who have been able to keep her children in school due to the several benefits of goat manure and the group village saving.

"Quite often many needy families within this community seek handouts, but through the integrated farming practices they see from my farm, this trend has greatly changed." Enid concluded, "Life has changed a lot ever since I joined this project, great thanks to Heifer International and other donors who have made once a dream turn into a reality."